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Confinement Nanny

Congratulations! The joy of having a new addition to the family is definitely worth waiting for.

After a tiring 40-week pregnancy period, we know how important it is for you to have a really good rest and proper nutrition. Our local confinement nannies are carefully screened to ensure that they have the relevant experience and expertise to work in your home and help you to recuperate better.

Daily Duties
  • Confinement cooking for the mother
  • Taking care, feeding & bathing newborn
  • Laundry for the mother and newborn
  • Cleaning up the kitchen daily
  • Grocery shopping
  1. Day (9am to 5pm, 20 days) - From $3600 onwards*
  1. Remarks: A transport fee of $50 is chargeable for the interview. The transport fee will be waived if the Client places a deposit during the interview.

*For rates, kindly call or fill in our online enquiry form.